Support Mrs. Lieu's Project!

Support Mrs. Lieu's Project!
Posted on 11/14/2019
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The Power of Play: Morning Tub Mania

Help me give my students tinker toys and other manipulatives to allow them to have a soft start, ease them into the school day and build critical thinking skills.

My Students
I teach in an inner city school with the majority of my students in poverty. My students face so many challenges in and out of school on a daily basis and I try to make our classroom a sanctuary for them to escape all of those challenges and struggles by fostering a love and creating an outlet for my students to get away from it all.

My students are caring, creative and energetic.

They have a variety of interests and learning styles. Most of them learn best through hands-on discoveries. I am hoping that this project will help them build skills that they can use in the future.

My Project
Morning tubs will offer a play-based approach to the start of our day. This "soft start" will allow my students to get excited about learning as well as come to school on time to get in on all of the fun. These materials will be used to create morning choice tubs that students will work on when they arrive at school in the morning.

Students will learn to work collaboratively and creatively using choice materials.

My students will learn and practice how to work with a group, problem solve, draw, build, and plan. Morning tubs are an excellent way for students to refine these skills and set them up for success for the rest of the day.

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Support Mrs. Lieu's project!